Our Team

Athena’s owner and principal, Adrienne Ostroff, is assembling a team who will be dedicated to delivering high-quality work for our clients. In addition to building a strong team in-house, Athena is forging partnerships in our industry designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Leadership

Adrienne Ostroff, FSA, EA,

Adrienne has a decade of experience providing actuarial services across pension and healthcare consulting.

She started her career at Willis Towers Watson, consulting for large employers in the single-employer and multi-employer space. She then expanded into government services upon joining Deloitte Consulting in 2016. Since then, she has specialized in actuarial consulting for state, local and federal government entities, including:
✦ Valuations for federal agencies under SFFAS 5/33;
✦ Actuarial audits required under Statute;
✦ Annual pension and OPEB valuation services under GASB 67/68/74/75;
✦ Rate-setting for State retiree health plan;
✦ Benefit benchmarking against peer organizations;
✦ Contracting with large Federal agencies to augment staff capabilities in multi-employer pension space; and
✦ Retirement benefit administration process improvement review.

As a Division I student-athlete and alumna of the University of Virginia, Adrienne believes in the power of a team. The success of the collective whole is her passion, and she looks forward to building that culture among her employees, strategic partners and clients.

As Athena’s owner and principal, I strive to build a culture that fosters innovation and commitment to high-quality work for my team. I rely on tried-and-true methodologies and frameworks, but with an emphasis on impactful, useful, technology-driven reporting and deliverables. I work to understand my clients’ priorities and go the extra mile to ensure that the work they receive empowers them to make the key decisions affecting their employees.

-Adrienne Ostroff, Owner and Principal

Strategic Partnerships

We are forming partnerships with large consulting firms, woman-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and individual actuarial consultants. We anticipate that these partnerships will increase our team size upon demand and further the breadth of services that we can offer. More information about these partnerships to be provided in early 2021.

Interested in forming a strategic partnership? Contact us!