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We are passionate about three things:

  1. Delivering top-tier actuarial services to our clients;
  2. Challenging the status quo when it comes to approach, methodology and client service; and
  3. Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive profession for actuaries everywhere.

We look forward to taking action and sharing our latest insights around these three very important topics.

Featured Post

An Ally’s Manifesto

We’re excited to announce Athena’s sponsorship of IABA! This organization is doing amazing work to increase the number of Black actuaries in the profession.

We see this sponsorship as a critical step of our journey as allies. Check out Adrienne Ostroff’s article “An Ally’s Manifesto” to learn more about her personal journey as an ally and to learn how all actuaries can do their part to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive profession.

Latest Posts

An Ally’s Manifesto

Actuarial Services Before I dive in to my own personal journey to becoming the ally that I consider myself today, I’d like to step back and give some context on the profession in which I operate. As actuaries, it is our job to assess risk across a variety of applications including pensions, healthcare, insurance, and… Continue reading An Ally’s Manifesto

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